Special Report: What YOUR Banker Won't Tell YOU About YOUR Mortgage Is Costing YOU A Fortune...

YOUR Mortgage Lender Is Taking YOU For A Ride And Their Grubby Little Hands Are In Both YOUR Pockets Slowly Sucking Out YOUR Retirement, YOUR Savings, And YOUR Entire Financial Future...

Dear Homeowner,

What would you do with your mortgage payments if you didn't have to give them to the bank?

* New Car... * Boat... * Travel Around the World... * College for Your Kids...

* Invest... * Boat House... * Condo in Palm Springs...

* Start Your Own Business... * Learn to Fly... * Retire Early...

Did you know that the United States has the MOST EXPENSIVE mortgage system in the world, and that for every $1.00 you borrowed on your home mortgage you will pay back almost $3.00? Sad, but true.

For every $1.00 you pay in the first 5 years of a typical mortgage...99-1/4% is profit (Interest) for the bank and ONLY 3/4% is equity for you? The benefit of equity growth in your home is IMPORTANT for your financial future don’t you agree? That's especially true now that home equity loans are the ONLY tax shelter most people have since the tax reforms of the 80's.

Back in the 70's you could count on inflation to increase the value of your home, helping you build equity.

Now because inflation is at its lowest in over 20 years, and because of a slow economy, real estate is just maintaining, or actually losing value in some areas. This makes building equity more difficult than ever.

There is a valuable service available that will help you:

* Cut Your Effective Interest Rate by 2-4% * Pay About 40% LESS Interest

* Build Your Equity 3-4 Times Faster * Own Your Own Home 8-10 Years Sooner

This service actually takes the mortgage interest you would normally pay to the bank, and instead, puts it back into the equity in your own real estate! We make the principal of compound interest work for YOU instead of the bank. There is no need to refinance. Therefore...

* NO Closing Cost * NO Points * NO Re-Qualifying * NO Credit Check

* NO increase in the amount of your monthly mortgage payments.

Your monthly payments will remain the same!

We know you’ll want to learn more about this service ... it's been hailed as the "mortgage system of the future" by the WALL STREET JOURNAL.

Below is a sample mortgage analysis. As you can see... savings are substantial. If you would like to receive a FREE mortgage analysis using YOUR loan information, just give us a call. We’ll run your FREE analysis and let you know just how much money you could SAVE, and how many years LESS you’ll have to pay on your mortgage. You have nothing to lose, and thousands to gain!

Bank Loan Amount Monthly Payment Interest Rate Term Interest Savings
Accel. Loan Reduction
24 years
Bank of America
30 years

NOW is the time YOU took control of YOUR finances.

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